On Jul 31, 2012 - 8 Health Benefits of Strawberries

Diet One cup of strawberries contains over 13% of the RDA of dietary ?ber, yet only 43 calories. The dietary ?ber in strawberries helps to keep digestion regular, as well as lowers blood pressure and curbs overeating.

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Antioxidants Strawberries contain a chemical compound called phenols. Anthocyanin, a particular phenol abundantly found in strawberries, lends the rich red color to the fruit. Though anthocyanin is known to have antioxidant properties within the fruit, it is debated as to whether the antioxidant agents in anthocyanin-rich foods can be absorbed into the body once digested. Fortunately, however, it is known that when anthocyanin-rich foods are consumed, the body's uric acid levels increase, which serves as an antioxidant agent.

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Strawberries It's easy to see why strawberries are one of the most popular berries.

Good news – it is berry picking and eating season.  Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries can once again be found in grocery store isles, “pick your own” farm stands and local organic coops.

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are some of the more popular berries found in the grocery produce section. However, other berries, such as mulberries, boysenberries, huckleberries and cranberries are also popping up this season.
Not only are berries of all kinds delicious, but they have been shown, as all fruits and vegetables have, to contain phytosterols that provide many health benefits and work overtime to prevent disease. Research does show that berries are among the fruits highest in antioxidant content and that they are excellent sources of several phytochemicals that seem to help block cancer development.
Researchers at Clemson University looked into the cancer fighting potential of various types and berries. In the Journal of Medicinal Foodthe scientists note: “Plants are proven sources of useful anti-tumor and chemo-preventative compounds. Hence, identification of phytochemicals useful in dietary prevention and intervention of cancer is of paramount importance.”  
The research team went on to further conclude that “Juice from strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry fruit significantly inhibited mutagenesis.” Meaning – that berries have high levels of anti-cancer properties that make them an ideal part of any diet.
Some of the best ways to enjoy berries and get the best health benefits from them is to blend them together in fresh fruit salads. A bowl of fresh berries acts as a “health tonic” that is not only delicious, but easy and convenient to prepare as well as one of the most intense disease prevention treats you can find.
Another popular and easy way to enjoy berries is in smoothies, either plain with a dollop of ice cream or yogurt; or with crushed ice chips and a sliced banana to add thickness and more delicious nutrients.
Enjoy these wonderful fruits, become nourished and prevent disease all at the same time.